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Chania, Gavdos, Samaria Gorge, Kournas Lake, Ayia Lake, Arkoudospilia, Aptera, Fragocastello, Gramvousa, Elafonisi, Katholiko Monastery, Gouvernetou Monastery.


Chania Prefecture

Majestic luxury


Try your natural limits at Samaria and Aradaina canyons, with the unique in the world wild goat (kri-kri). Live the adventure at the mysterious Fragocastello with the strange shades. Be glad the calm at the lake of Kournas. Get your swim to the exotic beaches of Gramvousa and Elafonisi.


Second in extent and population(150.387 residents), region of Crete.
Widely known, not only for the beautiful cities of Chania and Kasteli, where someone can find intense multinational elements of various important historian periods, but also for its calm beaches, the imposing gorges, the intense vegetation and above all for its proud and hospitable residents.
At Chania was born the visionary of Greece of 2 continents and 5 seas "El. Venizelos, a very important Greek politician of the 20th century, from who took its name the international airport in Athens.
To the region belongs also the island of Gavdos known from the antiquity, as the island of Nymph Kalipso, where for seven years remained captive Odysseus in the travel of his return to Ithaca. Gavdos geographically constitutes the more southern lived territory of the European continent.