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Discover Irakleio

Irakleio, Zaros, Thrapsano, Aghia Pelagia, Archanes, Fodele, Knossos, Gortyna Labyrinth, Juctas Peak Sanctuary, Matala, Aghia Marina Voni Monastery


Irakleio Prefecture

The Labyrinth of senses


Dream under the holy plane-tree at Gortyna, where according to mythology in its shade was linked erotically "Zeus" with the young "Europe". Enrich your knowledge in the archaeological museum at Heraklion. Fill the frantic vibration of summertime at Hersonisos and Mallia.


The biggest prefecture of Crete in extent and population (292.489 residents).

Perhaps the most known of Crete, in world scale, thanks of the important archaeological discoveries in the wider region.

The importance of Heraklion is not limited only in his historical value as it maintains intense commercial relations with remainder Greece and the abroad, make that automatically prompts the region as first of greek places with remarkable economic growth.


In Heraklion you can see the luxurious ancient palaces of Mythical king of Crete, "Minos", at Knossos, Festos and Mallia. The Roman and Byzantine capital of the island Gortyna. The most ancient wine-press in the world at Archanes. The house where was born "El Greco" at Fodele.

Heraklion is the cradle of European civilization, but also has a very big number of important personalities and works.