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Gramvousa and Balos

Gramvousa see on the map

At north-westerly of Chania's region in the edge of Gramvousa's peninsula, is found the homonym islet with the Venetian castle of 18th century A.D. and one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, called Balos. There, where the five seas of Mediterranean sea are linked in order to create the absolute summer enjoyment and beauty, far away from the stressed rhythms of the modern world, the humid paradise of Balos, with its white sand, and the view of castle, that seems sail on the water, few metres from the beach, it promise to the visitor some unforgettable escapes in fabulous and exotic places.


There are two choices, in order to reach the beach:

The first is by the daily sea cruises from Kastelli.

The boat leaves daily at 10.00p.m. and returns to Kastelli at 18.00. The ticket costs around to 20 Euros. The itinerary is reported exclusively to the summer session.
The second choice is by car. It is possible to reach the beach by car, starting from Kastelli, taking the direction to Kalyviani, then following the street with northern direction. The street stops at 2km from the beach, so you must walk the remainder distance. It is also requested a suitable vehicle, in order to drive, on the not so good road.

Gramvousa's peninsula and the islet of Gramvousa, are both protected by the network Natura 2000.