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Gouvernetou Monastery

To the northermost side of Akrotiri's peninsula, the fortified abbey of Gouvernetou, with the 4 square towers, is dedicated in Virgin Mary as Lady of all Angels.

The monastery constitutes a peaceful oasis of green in the barren and rocky ground of the region.

It was built in 1537a.C. by local monks. With excellent hagiographies and other works of holy art, exclusively hand-made creations of the monks in each storical period, the coenobitic space, is able to attract the awe and the admiration of visitor.

It is not only the rich decor of the temple, and the polite kindness of the holy fathers, that stirs the interest and raises the senses of visitors, but also the imposing and wild landscape where the monastery is found. Between tens caves and a steep gorge, the visible field which combines the view of Cretan sea to the north and the mountainous range of Lefka Ori in south-western, composes harmoniously the two basic elements of our planet, the mountain with the sea.