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Katholiko Monastery

Under the jurisdiction of Gouvernetou Monastery, is found the abandoned monastery of Catholicon, dedicated in Aghios Ioannis Erimitis or Xenos(20/09/1027A.D.).

A cretan Saint who lived into the caves of that particular place.

The abbey was found in 11th century A.D. but was abandoned by the monks, after repeated raids of pirates in 16th century A.D. The same monks who also found the Monastery of Gouvernetou.

The main temple of the abbey is found precisely next to the cave of the Cretan Saint Ioannis, built in a natural cavity of rock, while a stone bridge in front of the entry of abbey, links the two sides of Aghia Traiada canyon. Even in complete abandonment, the space of abbey maintains an imposing personality, thanks to the intense landscape that surrounds it, constituting a curious harmony made of human intervention and wild elements of the nature.