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Samaria Gorge

The biggest gorge in Europe (18km length), which begins from the plateau of Omalos (1200m.) and reach up to the beach of Aghia Roumeli, crossing vertical the south-eastern part of Chania region.
The gorge constitutes a Greek national park, and the only one in Crete, so is always protected by the network Natura 2000.
Along the gorge as to the wider region, there are some unique species of Cretan flora as well as the famous Kri-Kri (Cretan wild Goat).

The medium calculated time that is required in order to cross it, is around 6 hours without a lot stops.
At length of the path there are per intervals, taps and biological toilets.
You'll be able to admire everything at the way, enchanting wild flowers photographing the infrequent Kri-Kri, But remember however that in the gorge it is not allowed to touch upon anything, neither a green leaf, it is prohibited very strictly in deed.
Be provided with a comfortable pair of shoes, a hat, a cream for the sun, and begin! Is the experience that you will remember for all your life.
The gorge of Samaria remains open in the public From May until October.


If you use a private car you have to know that once accrosed the gorge, you must return on foot back to the start in order to take your car.



  • Biological toilets per regular intervals,
  • First aid station,
  • information office,
  • Forest guards, 
  • water per regular intervals.

Are strictly prohibited the cast of litter, the smoking and the direct contact with any form of life.