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Cretan Mythology


Talos was the first anthropomorphic robot in the human history, which had a speed that reached the 250 km/hour.

According to mythology was manufactured by the god Hephaestus and was given as Gift to the king of Crete Minos, in order to protect the island from the foreigner enemies and to supervise the application of the law.
According to others, Talos was manufactured by Daidalos with other robots who tied them up in order to not permit them to escape.
At Faistos has been found ancient currencies with Talos on their aspect.
Talos had just a unique vein in which flowed its metal blood (mercury), its body was made by copper. Was able to across Crete three times per day and to throw huge rocks and fire against the hostile boats and illegal immigrants.
Talos was finally killed by beautiful daughter of Ayeti and nephew of Pasifae, Medea who opened the screw that retains the blood of Talos on its metallic foot.