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Cretan Mythology

Dedalos & Icarus

First persons, father and son who realised air travel. To Dedalos is attributed the creation of the palace of Knossos and many other works, as the eminent statues at Elounda and Knossos, as well as the statue of Ariadne.

Dedalos is also known for his precious inventions as the saw, the thread of level, and the moved statues (robots). He led to Crete after decision of the Supreme Court of Athens, which exiled him for the murder of his nephew, Talos. Once in Crete Dedalos gained the favour of Minos and decided to help him manufacture the palace at Knossos. However Dedalos and his son Icarus asked to leave Crete, but Minos who was afraid that Dedalos reveals the secrets of Crete to certain other kings, ordered to the boats to not allow the embarkation for Dedalos and Icarus. Father and son decided thus to escape not more via sea as it was impossible but by flight. Using feathers manufactured by Dedalos they finally flew above Cretan sea.
During their flight, Icarus had a mortal accident, the sea that accepted the young body is called since then Ikarion pelagos (Icarian sea) so do the island. After that Dedalos sad for having lost his son, arrived in Sicily where put under oath to revenges Minos for the death of Icarus, as he did with the help of king Kokalos.