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Rethimno is synonym of charm and romanticism. With the famous Forteza and the narrow paths of the old city, constitutes one from the most loved destinations for thousands Greeks and foreigners.

Historical, the city of Rethimno begins its existence the Middle-Minoan period (1400- 1100 A.D) as "Rithimna".
Important turning-point for the development of the town, after a long period of decline during the roman period, appears to be the Venetian possession (1204-1646 A.D.) when Rethimno became an very active exportation centre reason of its geographic position and seat of Rettore.
In1538 A.D. was attacked by the pirate Barbarossa.
In 1562 A.D. at Rethimno was founds Vivi academy the first intellectual association in Greece, which made the city an important intellectual and cultural centreIn1646 A.D. fell to the Turks after a dramatic siege, terminating suddenly its economic and intellectual development.
In1913A.D. adapted in Greece with the remainder island.
Today Rethimno constitutes an enormous crossroad of old and new cultures, in an intensely young climate and lots pleasant surprises adapted to any gust.