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The poetic city of Chania (53.373 residents) is found at the south part of homonym bay, in the north-western coasts of Crete.

Chania has been characterized as Venice of East, reason of big resemblance between both them, and of  the polychrome combination of west and east ellements with final result the creation of one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.

It is separated in two departments, the old and the new city, with obvious elements from the various historical periods, and thousands cultural interventions.
Chania stands at the same space of ancient Kydonia (2900-1450B.C.), which evolved in one of the most important centres during the middle-Minoan period (2200-1600B.C.).
In 69B.C. Chania passed under roman sovereignty and later became a Byzantine territory (324-823A.D.).
In 824A.C. has been attacked by Arabs and after an ugly period of Arabic possession, became again territory of Byzantine empire (961B.C.), the same period Chania acquired its current name.
From 1204A.D. the region as entire island went under Venetian possession and in 1645A.D. Chania is the first city that will fall to Turks after 2 months of siege.
In 1851A.D. Chania became capital of Crete up to the 1971A.D.
Ending, in 1913A.D. has been linked with remainder Greece, as all Crete.
The fabulous city of Chania constitutes today, the most important pole of attraction in Crete, and starting line for tens western destinations on the island.