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Cretan Mythology

King Minos

Son of Zeus and Europe, reigned in Crete roughly in 1350B.C.

Very probably the name Minos was used as a royal title for all who sited on Cretan throne.
Minos was married with Pasifae, with who had 8 children. (Deykalionas, Ariadne, Glafkos, Fedra, Akkakalida, Xenodiki, Katreas, Androgeos). King Minos was known as an honest king with a strong and law-abiding character.
After his death Olympian gods made him and his brothers (Sarpidone and Radamanthys), critics of Hades.
According to mythology, when Dedalus escaped from Crete where was captured, Minos found him in Sicily, using a subterfuge.
In each place that passed Minos was making a question enough difficult, so if he might took an answer he could knew that behind was hidden the clever mind of Dedalos, as happened finally to Minoa city of Sicily.
King Kokalos of Minoa, who was protecting Dedalus, killed the King of Crete by making him to take a boiled bath. Kokalos sent the body of Minos in Crete, where became his funeral.