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Cretan Mythology


Ariadne was the famous princess of Knossos, and 4th of the 5 children of Minos and Pasifae, dowered with extraordinary beauty and charm.

Her name is connected with the fable of Minotaur, when she helped Theseus, the prince of Athens, with a clew of spinner (Mitos), to find the exit from labyrinth after he had killed Minotaur.
Not being possible for her to remain at Knossos, Ariadne decided to follow Theseus in Athens.
During the travel of return, the Athenian boat stopped in the island of Naxos or according to other in Dias Island.
In the same island was also the god of wine Dionisos, who saw Ariadne and fell immediately in love with her.
Dionisos asked from goddess Artemis to help him in order to steal Ariadne from Theseus.
Artemis killed the princess using her poisoned arrows. Ariadne after her death became a goddess and got marriage with Dionisos.
The crown that gave Dionysos to Ariadne as nuptial gift, decorated by the most precious gems, made by god Efestos, was transported on the sky between the constellations remaining immortal to the human memory as well as the beautiful Cretan princess.
According to a variant of the same fable, Theseus abandoned Ariadne in Naxos, following an indication of goddess Athena. Then Ariadne met Dionisos who was transformed in panther, she loved and followed him in Asia Minor.
Together Ariadne and Dionisos had 3 children: Oinopionas, Evanthis and Stafylos.