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The most evolved village in Greece, in level of life and pubblic services. Arhanes historicaly speaking is one of the most important Minoan centres of Crete.

As soon as 15km from Knossos, the palace of Arhanes, has been came at the light by Evans. The archaeological space is constituted by two departments:

  • the Palaces at the same space of current village and
  • Necropolis on Fourni's hill.

The Palace was built in the old-Minoan period (1900 B.C.). In 1700 B.C. it destroyed in case of a strong earthquake but is belt again as to be ready to contribute and to accept the growth of the high acne period (pax minoica) of Crete. Probably the palace was lived by members of Royal family or sovereigns with power.

Under the jurisdiction of Arhanes is also found the Peak Sanctyary of Juctas and the Temple at Anemospilia, where it is speculated human sacrifice, as a desperate Minoan tentative to appease the terrible God Earthquake.

In 1450b.C. is destroyed again, as the whole island, by earthquake, and later it passed under the Mycenae sovereignty.

The abundant waters of region supplied even the city of Heraklion at the period of Venetian domination long the Morozini fountain.

The necropolis is dated since 2400B.C. until 1200B.C. Some of the monuments that are found at Necropolis area are :

  • The unique, in entire Crete, Vaulted Tomb building,
  • the Ossuary,
  • the Ancient Vaulted Grave of necropolis with its immense treasure, and
  • the Feminine Vaulted Grave.

3km southern, is found the Minoan Villa of Vathipetro and the most ancient wine-press in the world.

Today the village of Arhanes constitute a powerful pole of attraction for the visitors, thanks to the archaeological sites, but also to the beautiful village and  the maximum local wine's quality.