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At 50km from Iraklion, Zaros is situated on the southernmost part of Psiloritis mountain. The village constitutes one of the most appropriate territories for the exploration, of the highest mountain of Crete. Famous for both, the innumerable sources of water, and the artificial lake of Votomou.

Is offered irreproachably for a short and safe adventure in low barometric, through gorges and ancient forests. At Zaros is found the path that takes to Ruva and to Aghios Nikolaos both canyons, while for the boldest the street leads to the tallest tops of Psiloritis Mountain, giving to the visitor a different and unique view of south Crete.
Zaros is the only Cretan mountainous village, which have the fish, like local food speciality.
Do not omit to walk on the traditional streets of Zaros and to taste the innumerable varieties of traditional specialities, and mainly the local sweets, made according to the old Cretan recipes.
Zaros is being protected by the network Natura 2000.