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Minoan Peak Sanctuary of Juctas

Juctas is called also "Sleeping Zeus" as the reason of human profile that appears to have the mountain looking it from Heraklion.

The Sanctuary was one of the most important places of adoration for Minoans. At the beginning of the Greek and European religion, gazing the Cretan sea, the Peak Sanctuary is considered, the most important than the 4 others which are found in the region of Juctas, on which was worshipped the celestial Minoan God.

The Sanctuary is on 800m. altitude, at almost 6km from Archanes.
83 types of vessels have been found in the natural cave of the Sanctuary’s space.
A peak, with a unique view to the wider part of Heraklion prefecture, including also the city of Heraklion.
To the sanctuary also belongs an utensil which according to the signs that it brings, was used for the Holy Communion using blood of grapes (wine).
In the cave they got used throw the faithful objects that represented their sins aiming to come free from them.
A lot of researchers think about the existence, in the region, of the grave of fabulous king of Crete, Minos.
The mountain of Juctas is protected by the European network Natura 2000.
The street that takes on it, is relatively good and the entrance to the main space of the peak is free to the public.