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Dictaean Cave

The cave where was given birth to the European civilization. The Dictaean Cave was the supreme Minoan sanctuary, hidden between the rocks of Dikti Mountain. It is the more important historical region, not only for Crete but also for entire Greece.

It is about the cave where "God Zeus" was born, whose name is connected closely with the Greek mythology, that still influences the world thought and literature.

Into the cave Rhea took refuge, with the help of her mother Earth (Gaia), and gave birth to Zeus, secretly from her husband Kronos. After his born, the divine enfant was nourished by the milk of goat Amalthia’s horn. The horn which became the word symbol of plenitude.

The cave is found above of Psichro village, on Lasithi plateau. The ascent becomes exclusively on foot, or riding the donkeys. Into the cavern have been found objects of adoration from the stone era as well as from more recent historical periodsexposed to the archaeological museum of Herakleio.

Between innumerable stalagmites, in the humid calm of the cave, an unforgettable descend experience, towards the beginning of the history. Until both, the small lake and the big stalagmite on human’s head form, "the head of the god! of Zeus!" Until there where was given birth to civilization and mythology too!

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It is prohibited: the cast of litter inside and outside the cavern, the smoking , the photographing and the production of any sound inside the cavern.