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The islet of Spinalonga is found in the entry of Elounda gulf having max altitude 55m above the sea level.

The islet was fortified by Venetians. According to the archaeologists it maybe had been fortified during the Hellenistic years (330B.C.- 67B.C). Its role was strategic in the various periods of possession and particularly the period of Venetian domination.

In 1669A.D. when Crete had devolved to the Ottoman Empire, Spinalonga was habituated exclusively by Ottomans.

In1903A.D. The islet entered in a completely different dimension, as reason of the decision to install on the island, a leper house for those who suffered of leprosy. Since then and up to 1957A.D. the isolation, the pain and the sadness, accompanied the daily routine of tens of ills, on the terrible, as locally called, island.
The setting changed another time when Spinalonga became one of the more important tourist destinations of Crete.

During the summer session are executed daily cruises by boat, from Elounda and from Aghios Nikolaos to Spinalonga.

In 2007 was published the international bestseller of Vistoria Hislop titled THE ISLAND, referred to the recent and terrible past of Spinalonga.