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Panagia Kera

8km from Αghios Nikolaos and 1km from  Kritsa, is found the tripartite Byzantine church of Panagia Kera.

One of the most ancient churches in Crete, dedicated to Virgin Mary, Saint Anna and Saint Antonios.
The church was built in 14th century A.D. and even if exist valid testimonies for its foundation in February 1090 A.D.  prevailed the 14th century A.D.
The more important element and at the same time one of those that makes it different than the remainder Cretan churches, it refers to the murals. Like:
  • Mistikos Deipnos (Holy Dinner),
  • the prayer of Saint Anna,
  • Christ to Hades and
  • Nero tis Elenxeos (elegy water), that constitutes an unknown subject in Crete.
The central department of temple is dedicating to Virgin Mary so it celebrates on 15 August.
The northern department is dedicated to Saint Antonios and
the southerner to Saint Anna.
Particular interest presents the department of Saint Anna with the unique in Crete depictions of the hell and the punishments that accompany the equivalent faults, but also the relation of these with the local convictions as well as the social organisation of those years. Another element of differentiation from all churches in the Greek territory, constitutes also the depiction of Virgin Mary with the Christ no more infant, but adolescent. An absolutely unfrequented subject in Greece, according to the files of both Ministries, education and culture.
The church celebrates one time of each year. On 15 August